Our cookie policy:

This page explains in detail how we use cookies on the rootsms website www.rootsms.com and in the rootsms app. If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us. You can email us at info@rootsms.com and ask for help.

By visiting, logging in, registering or using rootsms (or "app") or the rootsms website, you agree that we may collect, use and transfer your personal data in accordance with the terms of this policy. If you are not cool with this or do not want to be bound by this policy, you can disable cookies - see the "Managing Cookies" section below for more details.
About cookies

If you're like us, you probably haven't given much thought to a cookie that doesn't contain chocolate. So here are the basic facts: digital cookies are small files made up of bits of data, stored in your phone or computer's temporary memory when you browse the web. Unless you tell us otherwise, our system will issue cookies to your computer when you access, register and log in to the rootsms website or use rootsms. Cookies make it easier for you to log in and use these sites during your visits.

We primarily use cookies to tell our website and application, "Hey, remember that computer that visited last week? Well, it's back!" This cookie information helps us understand traffic patterns on our website, allows us to store any preferences or passwords you have asked us to store, and helps us understand the quality of our advertising.

Personal information and cookies:

The only personal information a cookie can contain is the information you provide yourself - a cookie cannot read data off your hard drive or read cookie files created by other sites. Your privacy and security are not compromised when you accept a cookie from the rootsms website or from rootsms. You can set your computer to reject cookies by following the instructions in the "Managing Your Cookies" section. If you disable cookies, you may not be able to use some parts of our website or application.

We sometimes use cookies to identify you personally, but we do so in a secure manner. Instead of storing personal data about you in a cookie, we store anonymous data on your computer and then combine that data on a secure server with information you have provided to us on the rootsms website. For example, if you sign up for our newsletter on the rootsms website, we will use this combined data to customize the newsletter with the information you find most useful. Further information on how we use your information is available in our privacy policy
You can manage your cookies using your browser.

If you wish to manage or disable cookies for the rootsms website or any other site, you can do so by changing your browser settings. Check the "Help" menu for instructions specific to your browser or read on for details on the most common browsers:

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Choose the "Tools" menu and then "Internet Options".
Click on the "Privacy" tab.
Choose the appropriate setting

For Mozilla Firefox:

Choose the "Tools" menu and then "Options".
Click on the 'Privacy' icon
Find the 'Cookie' menu and select the appropriate options

You can also disable certain targeted advertising cookies by visiting these opt-out pages: National Advertising Initiative and Google. This option will not prevent advertising agencies from showing you banner ads, but it will prevent them from customising their banner ads.

Part of the service we use to "remind you of rootsms elsewhere" (as described above) includes the use of the Teracent cookie. If you wish to disable the use of this cookie, please visit Teracent. This service also uses DoubleClick remarketing pixels. If you wish to disable their use, please visit DoubleClick.

You can find out more about cookies at www.allaboutcookies.org
Please contact us.

If you wish to contact our cookie policy, simply email our support team at info@rootsms.com.

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